Anville Artwork Gallery

  • Obsidian #06 – Pallor

    Obsidian #06 – Pallor

    The prey laid still, and there was a vibration of slight kickback in her arms. She overlooked the trauma with little interest. Its feeding time. 5 color screenprint – 16″ […]

  • Obsidian #05 – Empress

    Obsidian #05 – Empress

    Breaking the horizon, the ruby monolith acts as a beacon of tranquility and upheaval. Violent winds sweep across the expanse and meet the treeline with some resistance. She looks and […]

  • Obsidian #04 – Dysnomia

    Obsidian #04 – Dysnomia

    The charred surface folds to reveal rivers of liquid methane around the daughter of Eris. When modified carbon atoms are engineered and aligned perfectly, the human form transcends death. The […]

  • Road to Sanctuary

    Road to Sanctuary

    Through ages, the sapphire glass coated lamps burn on, indifferent to weather and time. This sign marks the only place in thousands of square miles of civilized life. 5 color […]

  • Obsidian #03 – Suspension

    Obsidian #03 – Suspension

    Weightlessness under the water allows all objects to hover in place. 4 color screen print 16″ x 20″ Reg Edition of 50 Variant Edition of 20 Signed and numbered by […]

  • Quarry


    The only difference in the carbon atoms between life and lifeless is how they are arranged. 17″ x 11″ – giclee on cotton rag – signed and numbered – Edition […]

  • Vanilla Poltergeist Snake

    Vanilla Poltergeist Snake

    For now and always, Hoping for the best. A pretty cigarette, Leaves the head a wreck. I beg you to believe. Assumption leaves you in Red tides. I find it […]

  • Italia


    Waterways and walkways intersect yet during a busy commute Daphne takes a moment. 16″ x 12″ – ink on bristol board and digital – 2012

  • Lace Shawl

    Lace Shawl

    Poised with grace among fauna considered deadly, she moves though the mire of muddy river banks as one with creation. The art  is represented in a 5 color screenprint which […]

  • Scribe


    Sulfur fumes cling to the stone walls of the archives, and despite this shiny blackwood thrives. The fall of civilization must be documented, however difficult breathing becomes. 9″ x 12″ […]

  • Balance


    Through consciousness, matter can easily become weightless. As soon as you told me, I was floating next to you. 9″ x 12″ – Museum Quality Giclee print on 300gsm cotton […]

  • Obsidian #02 – Huntress

    Obsidian #02 – Huntress

    A moment of respite after a long hunting trip with her doberman pinschers, incredible how a glass of wine calms down her nerves. The wind was fierce and unrelenting, how amazingly […]

  • Obsidian #01 – 45

    Obsidian #01 – 45

    Adorning the helmet in preparation for the rehearsal, Evelyn is slightly regretful for accepting the role of the lead villain. As soon as the armored helm and trained vulture are upon her, she revels in […]

  • Obsidian #00 – Blastoline

    Obsidian #00 – Blastoline

    During the last twenty years, there has been very difficult times for Daphne’s family, and one of the hardest moments was the loss of her fathers classic one-off automobile during […]

  • Harbinger of Death

    Harbinger of Death

    Presented here in all of its late 80s / early 90s glory is Phil Tippett’s vision of Robocain, the drug-fueled cyborg from Robo2. Painstakingly labored over, every nut, bolt and […]

  • Deflect


    My entry for Blunt Graffix’s “Dragon’s Fury” Event. 20″ x 16″ – 3 color screenprint – 2012 Click to purchase

  • Tyto Alba

    Tyto Alba

    The sun sets on a time uncertain to mankind, but is timeless to animal life. This is a 13 color screenprint with a split fountain and metallic inks. Process Thread […]

  • Canyons of San Angeles – Spinner

    Canyons of San Angeles – Spinner

    My favorite flying car, the Syd Mead designed Spinner from Blade Runner. 24″ x 18″ – 7 color screenprint – Signed and numbered – Edition of 250

  • Lafourcade I – Redux

    Lafourcade I – Redux

    One of my first challenges to myself, completed over 4 months in 2006. 36″ x 16″ – 3 color screenprint – Signed and numbered – Edition of 40

  • DMC-12


    The legendary Delorean DMC-12 in flight mode. 24″ x 18″ screenprint 7 colors Edition of 100 Click to Purchase

  • Dethklok – Mastodon – Converge – High on Fire

    Dethklok – Mastodon – Converge – High on Fire

    Gigposter for the Houston show of this incredible and crushing tour from 2009. 30″ x 24″ – 6 color screenprint – Signed and numbered – Edition of 150(?)

  • Isis


    Gigposter for the Electric Factory in Philly. 18″ x 24″ – 3 color screenprint – Signed and numbered – Edition of 100

  • Lafourcade II

    Lafourcade II

    32″ x 20″ – Ink on bristol board – 2008 – Private Collection